What is AGE?

What is Age?

The Academy of Global Education is centered around unfolding the three fundamental developments of being human. BODY, MIND, SOUL.

Within all aspects of our work we incorporate the following seven skills of development:

Look and Listen – Emotional Connection – Awareness
Doing – Empowerment – Responsibility – Synchronization

If you want to discover the ocean you have to get off-shore


Age offers courses for people, whether "young or old", who want to consciously develop their personality and who would like to create new perspectives for their lives.

Why should you attend our seminars, courses and lectures?
What can be of use to you in attending our courses?


  1. Your personal development in your physical ability of performance.
  2. Further development of your mental potentials
  3. Development of your emotional capabilities/skills.


These seminars, courses and lectures exist to enable you to develop your personal potential, build new life-perspectives, and personally influence your quality of life in a positive way.


These points include:

  1. Physical Performance
    • A Checkup of your physical ability of performance and to increase your physical health and fitness.
    • Develop strategies for individual growth for a better physical performance by applying physical activities in a natural environment: running, walking, bike riding and winter sports seminars.
    • Development of the physical potential.
  2. Mental Potential
    • Increase the quality of life through self-reflection. Find a change of perspective in your personal conception of life. Wishes, dreams, ideas can be implemented and transformed into reality. We support you on this path.
    • Find opportunities through which one can develop and expand one's personal potentials. To recognize their strength through their authenticity, that they believe in themselves and learn to reduce their weaknesses. To learn to transform weaknesses into strengths.
    • Learn to preserve enthusiasm, find the child's enthusiasm and retain it permanently, to awaken it again and again.
  3. Emotional Skills and Learning System
    • Learn to interact with others.
    • Boost your knowledge and skill acquisition with positive emotion. Learning depends on the emotional state. What we pay attention to is what we learn.
    • Finding our own initiative, our achievement drive, capability of adaptation. Find empathy for others. Have self-confidence.
    • Sense other's feelings and perspectives, learn to be attentive to emotional cues, learn to listen to others. Be able to show sensitivity and learn to understand other's perspectives. To comprehend other people's needs and feelings.
    • Be able to see diversity as an opportunity, where diverse people can thrive.
    • Develop ways to handle difficult people and know how to handle tense situations with diplomacy and tactfully.
    • Learn to create a friendly, cooperative climate.


Body – Mind – Soul
...we are a unit as a human being, thus we have to take care of all three parts:

Health and fitness (well-being) for the body
Positive thinking for the mind
Empathy for the soul



Our Motto

You gain strength, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing you think you cannot do.

— Eleanor Roosevelt


Our Ambitions and Goals

The goal for the Academy of Global Education is connected with the development of our generations:

Kurt goal's for the Academy of Global Education are:

      • Empowerment of the personality – everybody has his own skills, we have to discover them!
      • Learning by doing, learning by nature – "Activities what I do with my whole senses I will understand!" – do it and feel your body!
      • Authenticity – "You are good, be who you are and find out more about you and your personality!"

Christine's goal's similarly for the Academy of Global Education are:

      • For each student/citizen/person individually to discover themselves, their own personality – to believe in themselves and their own strength, to find passion for life.
      • For each student to find out their own gift, their talent, their "Uniqueness" – "who he/she is" and "how he/she fits in the wider community". Developing self-confidence and self-esteem.
      • To see the importance of nature in their lives and embrace natures knowledge and creativity. Nature, the potential to heal - body, mind and soul in a holistic way. Nature, to learn, think and feel with all senses.
      • Learn to be mindful to/with others. Be respectful, tolerant to others and themselves.
      • Empower each student – create a sense of worth and belonging and control of their own life.

Above all the educational goal is to create people not afraid of doing new things, people who are inventive, creative, who like to discover. Step out with a critical mind, not accepting everything just because it has always been that way.



Who Are We?

Christine Ratzke de Figueiredo

Looking back I have always been an open minded person. The NEW, the different paths, different thoughts, different way of being has been of attraction to me. Learning to live out of my own comfort zone taught me that new doors open, new trails to walk on. Looking forward, never back.!!!

I have learned to take falls as challenges, rather than failure. Being inquisitive has been the sure way to learn new things. Always having dreams, and learn to follow them.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it´s the only thing that ever has!

— Margaret Mead

This has been also like a guide in my life, as I believe that each one of us can make the difference.

I am the mother of three grown up children. Have always felt a special relationship to young people and in my many activities throughout my life have always been in one way or the other close to young people. As a young person I have been involved in many different kinds of sport. Skills like teamwork and responsibility towards others and myself were learned, as well as finding out about personal limits.

Later I became a teacher in secondary education, covering areas like Physical Education, German, Special Educational Needs and organizing the area of Community and Service for all senior school students. Life taught me many soft skills like teamwork, ability to cooperate, empathy, etc... many organisational skills as well as some artistic skills.


Kurt Kaschke

Sports was always the key for my own development. An athletic family gave me the power and strength to work hard to reach my personal goals. I was very successful in decathlon, 400m, 400m Hurdles, 800m, and pole vaulting at a national and international level. I appreciate the team work and camaraderie of this sport and continue my responsibility for athletics as coach and now as president of the "European Master Athletics".

After becoming an electrician I decided to study English language and physical education at the University of Kiel. I lectured at the Institution of Sport Science in Kiel for three years before I became a teacher.

My pedagogical background is covering subjects like 'prevention of violence', 'integration of students of other nationalities', supporting ADHD students, and organizing activity events for different age groups.